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Use Willow Creek Olive Estate’s award-winning Truffle Flavoured Olive Oil to transform eggs, polenta, risotto and, pasta dishes from bourgeois to regal. This product is made by adding a dash of truffle flavouring to 100% extra virgin olive oil. In other words, this product contains all of the health benefits of regular extra virgin olive oil but tastes otherworldly. You’ll definitely be reaching for a second helping!


This delectable product consists of delicate extra virgin olive oil and natural black truffle flavouring. It has a rich aroma and a sweet, earthy taste, transporting you straight to the soil of Italy.


Allow our Truffle Flavoured Olive Oil to inspire your next culinary creation! It pairs exceptionally well with the following dishes:

Potato Wedges - If they grow together, they go together. Both potatoes and truffles grow underground, so it’s just natural that they taste so delicious together. Fry your potato wedges in our Truffle Infused Olive Oil or glug it generously into potato mash. Serve with grilled steak and mushroom sauce.

Steak and Mushrooms - Marinade steak in our Truffle Infused Olive Oil and crushed garlic. Grill until medium-rare. Sauteé mushrooms in our Truffle Infused Olive Oil over low heat until it becomes dark and sticky. Deglaze the pan with a splash of white wine and cook out the alcohol. Add cream, fresh parsley and season to taste. Simmer until the sauce thickens. Serve the steak topped with mushroom sauce, drizzled with some more Truffle Olive Oil and fresh parsley.

Eggs and Truffles - Eggs and truffles are a well-known food combination. Whether it’s drizzled over a poached egg, a classic cheese omelette or used to make delicious deviled eggs. Allow our Truffle Olive Oil to transform an everyday ingredient into something egg-cellent!


250 ml

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