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 We are producers that have been growing olive trees since 1999. We are situated in the Nuy Valley and we have been producing award-winning products for the past 17 years.


We are INTERNATIONALLY and LOCALLY acclaimed and our AWARDS serve as an affirmation of the QUALITY we bring to the table of olive oil and table olive lovers.


We are one of the LARGEST olive oil producers in the Southern Hemisphere and we pride ourselves in the fact that we deliver SUPERIOR QUALITY oils and products.




We are LARGE SCALE PRODUCERS while not compromising our QUALITY




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Willow Creek is an internationally acclaimed producer of extra virgin olive oil. Our awards, both locally and internationally, serve as an affirmation of the superior quality of our oils.


As leaders in the South African olive industry, we have proudly established ourselves as one of the largest olive oil producers in the Southern Hemisphere.


The quality of our olive oils stem from special care tending the groves and the diligent management of each stage of the production process.

Our Farm


Our Factory




award winners since 2002




Ideal Terrior

Extensive Range

Innovative Packaging


Mechanical harvesting enable us to harvest each olive cultivar at its optimum stage of ripeness and to limit the time from tree to factory. Within 6 hours the olives are cold extracted with our state of the art Pieralisi Protoreattore and Leopard 6 decanter.


By harvesting the olives at the optimum level of ripeness, minimizing the time from tree to processing, utilizing the latest technology and limiting exposure to oxygen, high polyphonol levels are ensured. Various cultivars are carefully blended to produce all 3 styles of extra virgin olive oil: Intense, Medium and Delicate. You won’t find a neutral or bland tasting olive oil at Willow Creek.


The extra-ordinary health benefits of extra virgin olive oil are captured
in polyphenols: antioxidants and anti-inflammatory micro nutrients, like oleocanthal - proven to reduce inflammatory diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and cancers.
The more intense or robust the extra virgin olive oil is (i.e. the more bitter and peppery it tastes), the higher the polyphenol.


Our dark glass bottles and specially produced PET bottles with UV Filter and Oxygen Barrier, protects the extra virgin olive oil against light oxidation in order to maintain the optimum shelf life and health properties of the product. The unique Squeeze bottle in which our medium intensity Estate Blend is packaged, has proven to be the consumer’s favourite as it allows one to control the exact amount to be used while the bottle is light, unbreakable and bio-degradable. 3 Litre tins with pull out spouts offers easy handling for high volume consumers.


A choice of 13 cultivars allows for the blending of complex flavour profiles in all 3 styles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Delicate, Medium and Intense. Flavoured olive oils further extends our range. By adding 1% of concentrated flavour oil to 99% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we’re able to offer the healthiest, most flavoursome salad dressing and a stockpile pantry item with authentic flavour captured in nutrient rich olive oil for when you don’t have the real ingredient on hand. Our range of balsamic vinegars, olies, tapenade and olive pesto’s compliments Willow Creek’s Extra Virgin Olive Oils.


The Nuy Valley offers lime rich soil, a typical Mediterranean climate with low average rainfall, but access to irrigation water - a terroir that lays the foundation for the production of healthy, flavoursome olives.

Advanced Process

Authentic Taste

Healthy Polyphenols

Proud member of


ABSA Top 5, South Africa

Alfa Laval, South Africa

Armonia International EVOO Competition

Domina IOCC, Italy

EVOO World Ranking

Fairlady Consumer Awards

Flos Olei, Italy

Gold Pack Awards

Gulfood Awards, UAE

L’Orciolo d’Oro, Italy

Leone d’Oro dei Mastri Oleari, Italy

Los Angeles County Fair, USA

Los Angeles International EVOO Competition, USA

Marco Zinchella, South Africa

New York International Olive Oil Competition, USA

Olivinus, Argentina

SA Olive Awards, South Africa

Sol D’Oro Southern Hemisphere

Symrise Food Review

Terra Olivo, Israel

The Fresh Taste of the South, Australia

World Ranking Extra Virging Olive Olis: EVOO

World Ranking Extra Virging Olive Olis: Producer

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