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South African Seafood Paella Pot Recipe

I love everything about this dish and the South African twist that we have added to it. This dish is easy to prepare and light on the budget. 

You can add to your seafood pot whatever is fresh and available and make it as indulgent as you wish, and it is a real crowd pleaser! Bonus: the combination of olive oil and butter ensures that it stays at a spreadable consistency and will keep for months. 

Chef Mynhardt


STEP 1: Coriander and Persian Lime Olive Oil Butter 


10 – 12 people


10 min





  1. Place butter in a food processor.
  2. Process for about 1 minute, and then start adding the oil slowly and whip until smooth.
  3. Add fresh coriander and a squeeze of lime juice.
  4. Spoon into a butter dish and refrigerate. 

STEP 2: Seafood Paella Pot 


6 – 8 people


45 min


30 min


  • 2 large knobs of prepared coriander and lime butter
  • 2 chopped onions 
  • 150g of Delico sliced salami sticks 
  • 2 grated cloves of garlic 
  • 2 large tablespoons of Cape Herb and Spice Cape Malay Curry 
  • 200g of large, cleaned prawns 
  • 200g of large prawns – shell on 
  • 200g of calamari tentacles and tubes (optional) 
  • 200g of half-shell mussels 
  • 500ml of cooked long-grain white rice 
  • 250ml of prepared chicken stock 
  • 1 tin of chopped tomatoes 
  • Sugar snap peas 
  • Freshly chopped chilies, coriander, and lime to garnish



  1. Place a large cast-iron pot on a flaming fire.
  2. Add the Coriander and Willow Creek Persian Lime Flavoured Olive Oil butter and stir until it starts to bubble, then add onions and fry until golden brown.
  3. Slice the salami and add it to the onions, followed by the garlic, and stir well.
  4. Spoon the curry powder over the onion mixture and dry roast for about 2 minutes.
  5. Add the calamari to the pot and cook for about 3 minutes, followed by the calamari and then the mussels. Remove the shell from the prawns for the garnishing process later on.
  6. Spoon over the rice, chicken stock, and tomatoes and cook gently for no more than 5 minutes, then add the sugar snap peas and stir through.
  7. Garnish with shelled prawns, chopped fresh chilies, coriander, and limes.
  8. Serve with roosterkoek and butter. 

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