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Peri-Peri Chicken Dinner Recipe

A chicken ‘braai’ is one of the best ways to celebrate our backgrounds and mix of cuisines that define our unique identities. This delicious recipe combines the fiery essence of peri-peri with the comfort of South African traditions.  

Chef Mynhardt


Culinary Adventure: Peri-Peri Chicken  


4 – 6 people


10 min


45 min



Start by preparing the chicken. 
Place the extra-large chicken on a cutting board and carefully cut it open and flatten it. This guarantees consistent cooking and lets flavours infuse every luscious bite.  

Pour Willow Creek Lemon Flavoured Olive Oil generously over the chicken, and then powder your peri-peri rub all over, covering every inch. Rub the chicken with the flavours to blend and develop. Now, leave it to rest.  

Let’s make the marinade while the chicken rests.
Combine Willow Creek Blood Orange Flavoured Olive Oil, a generous amount of your peri-peri spice, chopped coriander, and preserved lemon segments in a bowl. This beautiful blend of heritage and modernity offers a tantalising glimpse of the future.  

Fire up the grill.
Roast the seasoned chicken bone-side down on a braai grid over medium-hot coals. The smell of peri-peri spices and the promise of a delicious meal permeate the air as the chicken grills.  

Once the chicken is golden brown, generously brush it with the Willow Creek olive oil and peri-peri spice mixture.


    This adds a delicious coating that catches the dish’s essence.  

    Patience is key. Grilling the chicken takes approximately 45 minutes, during which the flavours infuse.  

    When the chicken is cooked thoroughly and the juices run clear, this culinary adventure reaches its peak. Let the chicken rest for a bit after removing it from the grill to redistribute juices and heighten tastes.  

    Serve the peri-peri chicken with pride—a heritage and innovation masterpiece. The rich peri-peri aromas of the luscious flesh dance on the taste senses, mirroring our South African stories. 


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