Veggies are an important part of any healthy diet, especially when it comes to supporting the growth and development of your little ones. With Willow Creek Olive Estate it’s easy to turn your kids into veggie enthusiasts in no time at all.

Simply choose your all-time favourite veggies, add some award-winning Willow Creek Olive Estate olive oil and add the mixture to your air fryer.

Here are two ways you can enjoy your veggies.

Tender Vegetables

If you love the soft texture of tender vegetables, and have an air fryer at hand, then you will love this next veggie recipe.


Any veggies of your choice.


1.     Simply preheat your air fryer to 375°F (190°C).

2.     Chop all your favourite veggies to the size you prefer and drizzle them with your favourite Willow Creek Olive Estate extra virgin olive oil (we recommend our Estate Blend). Not only will our award-winning olive oil add amazing flavour, but it is also nutritious and packed with vitamins and minerals.

3.     Add the vegetables to your air fryer in a flat layer.

4.     Cook for 10-15 minutes and remember to lightly shake the air fryer during the cooking process to promote even cooking.

Firm Vegetables

If crunchy vegetables are a firm family favourite in your household, then roasted vegetables should be first on your cooking list. This cooking method can be more time-consuming, but we promise it will be worth it.


1.     Root veggies (carrots, beets, potato, parsnip).

2.     Winter squash (butternut, acorn, pumpkin).


1.     Preheat your air fryer to 375°F (190°C).

2.     Chop your veggies to your preferred size. Remember, smaller pieces cook faster!

3.     Drizzle your veggies with Willow Creek Olive Estate Directors’ Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

4.     Add the veggies to your air fryer in a flat layer.

5.     Cook for 20-30 minutes. Remember to lightly shake the air fryer occasionally to promote even cooking.

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