Pickled Octopus Salad

Pickled Octopus Salad
Pickled Octopus Salad

Pickled Octopus Salad

  • Pickled Octopus
  • Rocket Leaves

Octopus pickle:

Precooked Octopus
6x Bayleaves
1x chilly fresh or dried
1x Tablespoon dried Oregano
1x Tablespoon Coriander Seeds
12x Black Peppercorns – cracked
2 cups red wine vinegar

In a dry sautépan, toast the coriander seeds, dried chili, and black peppercorns over med –high heat until everything in fragrant. (do not do this with fresh chili) Shift all the spices including bay leaves, oregano,and the fresh chili, if using into a pot large enough to contain the vinegar. Pour Vinegar over spices and bring to a boil. Once vinegar is at boil, turn off the heat and cover.

Let it steep until its room temperature, about an hour. Then pour it over the Octopus in a jar. Use fresh red wine vinegar and Willow Creek Olive Oil to fill the jar and top everything off. Store in fridge for up to 3 months.

Turn it into a Mediterranean Tapas

2 x Tablespoons Willow Creek Olive Tapenade WITH
Capers and Anchovies mixed with
½cup Double thick plain Greek Yogurt perfect dip for
Pita quarters .

Willow Creek Natural Green Olives
Lemon Wedges

Couscous Salad

Prepared Couscous with added Chopped Pecan nuts, Chopped sundried Tomatoes, finely chopped fresh parsley, feta and drizzled with Willow Creek Lemon Flavoured Olive Oil.

Pickled Octopus Salad
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