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Experience every olive oil flavour we have to offer with our delicious Flavoured Olive Oil 9-Pack Gift Set. This gift set is perfect for experimenting in the kitchen – each flavour pairs with a wide array of ingredients. The following olive oil flavours are included in the set: Persian Lime, Jalapeño, Garlic, Coriander, Blood Orange, Truffle, Lemon, Basil, and Parmesan.


Our Flavoured Olive Oil 9-Pack Gift Set can help you create culinary masterpieces - all with just a slight drizzle of award-winning olive oil. This gift set contains nine 30 ml bottles filled with different flavoured olive oil - perfect for tasting at home! Each flavoured olive oil was made by adding a dash of flavour to extra virgin olive oil, which means each bottle is filled to the rim with all of the health benefits of regular EVOO.


  • Persian Lime (30 ml) - Another fruity, citrus-flavoured extra virgin olive oil in our range! The balanced sweet and zesty profile of this olive oil makes it a wonderful option for both sweet and savoury applications. Use this Persian Lime Flavoured Olive Oil to sear tuna fillets and complement a crisp green salad.
  • Jalapeño (30 ml) - Our Jalapeño Flavoured Olive Oil is exactly what you need to wake up your palate! The piquant flavour is typical of fresh jalapeños and does not lack heat. Use this Jalapeño Flavoured Olive Oil to liven up salsas and Mexican dishes.
  • Garlic (30 ml) - To all the garlic lovers out there, this one is for you! Our Garlic Flavoured Olive Oil has all the kick and aroma of fresh garlic without the peeling and dicing. Garlic Flavoured Olive Oil can be used to make aioli (this is a Mediterranean sauce made of garlic and olive oil), and enhance any vegetable or meat dish.
  • Coriander (30 ml) - Our Coriander Flavoured Olive Oil will turn every coriander hater into a coriander lover! The gentle perfume of coriander is not overpowering to the palate but still satisfies those cravings for fresh herbs. Use this refreshing Coriander Flavoured Olive Oil to enhance Thai curries and Asian noodle dishes.
  • Blood Orange (30 ml) - Sweet and zesty, this Blood Orange Flavoured Olive Oil will have all the citrus lovers coming back for more. It is refreshing, while being truly indulgent. Enjoy this sweet Blood Orange Flavoured Olive Oil with smoked chicken salad, roasted butternut, and sweet potatoes.
  • Truffle (30 ml) - Willow Creek's Truffle Flavoured Olive Oil has a rich aroma and a sweet, earthy taste, that will transport you straight to the soil of Italy. Use this exquisite Truffle Flavoured Olive Oil to transform eggs, polenta, risotto, and pasta dishes from bourgeois to regal.
  • Lemon (30 ml) - Our Lemon Flavoured Olive Oil is a light and refreshing oil. Its tangy profile is perfectly balanced with a sweet and zesty undertone. Use this zesty Lemon Flavoured Olive Oil to prepare roast chicken, or to baste snoek while roasting over the coals.
  • Basil (30 ml) - Our Basil Flavoured Olive Oil packs quite a punch! This slightly sweet oil has a bold and full herbaceous profile that lingers on the palate, extending your enjoyment to the limit. Basil Flavoured Olive Oil can be used to complement roasted tomato soup, ricotta cheese, and tomato tartlets.
  • Parmesan (30 ml) - The rich, pungent taste and aroma of this popular hard cheese is perfectly blended in our Parmesan Flavoured Olive Oil. Use this Parmesan Flavoured Olive Oil to enhance pasta dishes, crusted chicken pieces, or pork chops.
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