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Our Vision


In order to be the preferred extra virgin olive oil brand, Willow Creek will constantly evolve to deliver a versatile range of premium products to suit the culinary and sensory demands of consumers and connoisseurs alike.

Our Mission


We endeavor to utilize our terrior to its full potential in harmony with nature to produce a sustainable crop of healthy olives with high polyphenol levels.

Advanced technology and state of the art equipment are to be used to extract the best possible quality extra virgin olive oil from which different cultivars will be expertly blended to create all 3 styles of EVOO: Delicate, Medium and Intense.

While adding value to the fruit of the earth, we aim to continually add value to the lives of everyone involved.


We remain a local producer but an international player!

Goodness is in our nature

Our Story


Willow Creek is an internationally acclaimed producer of extra virgin olive oil. Our awards, both locally and internationally, serve as an affirmation of the superior quality of our oils.  

As leaders in the South African olive industry, we have proudly established ourselves as one of the largest olive oil producers in the Southern Hemisphere. 

The quality of our olive oils stem from special care tending the groves and the diligent management of each stage of the production process.

Our Farm


Our Farm

We are situated in the picturesque Nuy Valley, in the Western Cape region of South Africa,  which is blessed with a terroir and climate perfectly suited for the cultivation of olives. 


The olive trees thrive in the deep, lime-rich soil, while a climate of extremes improves flavour profiles.


Our groves, which comprise 160 000 olive trees on 200 hectares, were established in 1999 and the first award-winning oil was pressed in 2002. 

We are blessed with an abundance of good quality, crystal clear mountain water. This, combined with meticulous attention to our trees, ensures even ripening and consistent quality.


We apply Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) throughout our entire production cycle, ensuring responsible farming practices and crop protection.



Our Factory

Oil Extraction


Our state-of-the-art factory sits amongst the olive groves and covers 4 500 square meters. 

We harvest our olives at optimum ripeness using the Colossus Olive Harvester, thereby minimising the time between harvesting and oil extraction – within 6 hours per crop intake.

The Protoreattore malaxing unit in combination with the state-of-the-art Pieralisi Leopard 8 press is used to extract the oil.

This shortens malaxation time and exposure to oxygen which maintains optimum levels of polyphenols in the oil.

Oil is cold extracted, in other words at temperatures below 28°C (82°F), ensuring that the goodness and nutrition in the olives are conserved.




After the pressing process is done, the oil is transferred to the blending house, where our master tasters and blenders combine various cultivars to make up a superior quality extra virgin olive oil.




Once the perfect blend has been obtained, the oil goes to the bottling house.

The transfer process is facilitated at ambient temperature with low-pressure positive displacement pumps, ensuring minimal molecular breakdown and oxidation.

Our dark-coloured bottles protect the oil from direct sunlight and oxygen, extra virgin olive oil’s biggest enemies.


Responsible Practices


We conserve the environment by treating effluent on-farm in evaporation dams. Olive fruit pips and waste are recycled and used as bio-fuel – nothing is wasted.

Our Nursery


Our Nursery

We produce the very best olive trees at Willow Creek Olive Nursery.

Only disease-free, vigorous, true-to-type plant material is used for propagation. Cuttings are propagated in hotbeds and monitored daily for diseases and pests.

Young trees are available in 2-litre bags and planted in premium, commercial potting mix topped with compost.

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