Our South African locally produced Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been awarded one of the most prestigious accolades in the global olive oil industry.


Willow Creek Olive Estate was awarded GOLD for their Estate Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) at the 2019 Terra Olivo Awards in Israel. This Estate Blend is a Medium Fruity EVOO and boasts lovely almond, walnut and artichoke flavours with a well-balanced pungency and pleasant bitterness.


Willow Creek Olive Estate’s Chief Operational Officer, Philip Crous with Master Oil Maker, Francois Cilliers


“The Terra Olivo award recognises the hard work we have done to make sure that we produce a world-class EVOO,” said Alinda van Dyk, Willow Creek Olive Estate’s Brand Ambassador and senior olive oil taster.

“We are proud of what we have achieved and happy to be able to provide consumers with EVOO that has been rated among the best in the world.”

Premium Quality EVOO starts in the olive groves and every step from tree to extraction, to bottling, to table plays an integrated and important role to establish an award-winning oil. Willow Creek Olive Estate has a great team that works well together to achieve this winning goal.

Terra Olivo was founded in 2009 by EVOO producers and enthusiasts, Moshe Spak and Raul Castellani Based in Israel to promote EVOO, its health benefits and nutrients, and to raise the consumption of EVOO worldwide.

Terra Olivo awards are acknowledged globally as one of the principal competitions shaping the EVOO World Rankings.

The awards originate at the home of olives – Jerusalem, Israel – where olive trees were planted and cultivated thousands of years ago. The judges are accredited tasters from Spain, Israel, Italy, Greece, Turkey and France.

Willow Creek Olive Estate is a premier producer of high-quality EVOO in South Africa and has meticulously produced award-winning olive products since 2002. Since then, local and international awards have poured in, ranking the estate among the top producers of high-quality EVOO with a growing reputation internationally, and making it a firm favourite of top chefs, restaurants, nutritionists and home cooks.

“While awards are very important to measure us against the best in the world, what is critical to Willow Creek Olive Estate is that anyone who buys any of our oils will come to love the magic that a healthy dollop of Willow Creek Olive Estate will do for their health,” said Alinda.


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