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OUR Awards

We are meticulous about quality; therefore we are very proud that our hard work has been recognised and awarded, both locally and internationally. We value the South African olive industry’s standards and participate in its Commitment to Compliance scheme.

The international awards and world rankings we have received from some of the best tasting panels and olive oil judges in the world, attests to our commitment to quality and the passion that drives us.



Our flagship Directors’ Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil is carefully composed to satisfy the flavour preference of the directors. The result is an ultra-premium quality olive oil that reflects our passion and personal commitment.

It is invariably a robust oil which will appeal to any olive oil connoisseur. The dominant cultivars in this blend are Coratina and Frantoio. Complex aromas of artichokes and tomato vines are followed by the flavour of fresh rocket and salad herbs while the satisfying bitterness and tingling pungency gives body to the oil without overpowering the flavour. This oil complements red meat, hearty soups, pasta with porcini, carpaccio, or salads with rocket, parmesan and nuts. Round any meal off by adding Directors’ Reserve to enhance the flavour and extend the health benefits of your food. For us the best prize of all is sharing our passion with olive oil lovers around the world.


Grand Mention - L’Orciolo d’Oro, Milano


Gold - Terra Olivo, Israel;
1st Place - L’Orciolo d’Oro, Italy
Special Mention - Sol d'Oro, South Africa
EVOO of the Year - EVOO World Ranking



Our Estate Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend of mainly Frantoio and Mission cultivars harvested at a half-ripe stage and has a medium fruity character. The aroma of freshly cut green grass and a hint of apple follows through on the palate. The slight bitterness and gentle pepper are balanced and fades to leave a pleasant aftertaste.

Foodies will love the Squeeze Me-bottle for its practicality and convenience. The unique patented nozzle allows the olive oil to be poured slower than with traditional olive oil spouts, which means Willow Creek’s olive oil goes much further while it allows for portion control. The unbreakable PET-bottle, with its specially added oxygen barrier and UV-filter, which keeps the shelf life of the oil intact for at least two years, has already earned the favour of judges and users alike. The medium intensity of the Estate Blend makes it a lovely all-rounder olive oil for use with a wide array of ingredients, flavours and dishes while the versatile Squeeze bottle makes it extremely efficient for oiling a roasting dish or pan to sauteé onions and vegetables, preparing stir fry dishes and frying eggs. For us, the best prize of all is sharing our passion with olive oil lovers around the world.

Estate Blend 2019 Awards

Gold - Terra Olivo, Israel
Distinction - L’Orciolo d’Oro, Milano

Estate Blend 2018 Awards

Gold - Terra Olivo, Israel
1st Place - L’Orciolo d’Oro, Italy
Special Mention - Sol D‘Oro, South Africa



Our Nuy Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers a subtle flavour. The olives used for this product are allowed to ripen on the tree in order to deliver a delicate style extra virgin olive oil which will especially appeal to the health conscious consumer who hasn't become accustomed to the full bodied flavour of a robust olive oil.

Use this delicate olive oil as a healthy alternative for products with trans fatty acids, saturated fats and refined oils in everyday cooking and baking, for preparing fish and for making home-made mayonnaise.

For us the best prize of all is sharing our passion with olive oil lovers around the world.

Nuy Valley Awards


Silver - SA Olive Awards

Silver - SA Olive Awards

Silver - SA Olive Awards

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