Feather Hill Brew Espresso Blend Coffee – 250g Ground

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Our Espresso Blend is a Brazil-based South American Roast. When roasting this blend, we use a darker roasting profile. Espresso Blend, while suited for espresso machines, can also be used with manual brewing methods if you prefer a stronger cup of coffee.


We carefully select our blends, paying attention to which origin beans blend well together for the best tasting cup of coffee. Green beans from each country are unique, as are green beans from every crop year. That is the beauty of coffee and where our craft comes in – tasting year after year to decide what the content of our two blends will be. The expertise of our roaster will ensure you receive only the best coffee whether you are purchasing for your restaurant, coffee shop, office, or your home.


We use a profile roaster to achieve a consistent roast for each packet of coffee produced from the many beans roasted each week.


Cupping notes: Cocoa, macadamia, full body, citric acidity.


250g Ground Coffee

We handpick only the finest beans every season has to offer to ensure that each blend is perfectly balanced for your enjoyment. After being masterfully blended, our coffee beans are packed in aroma-protective packaging. Each pack bursts with flavour and tantalising aromas, ensuring an unforgettable aroma-filled beverage.


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