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locally produced and manufactured olive oil products

We pride ourselves in producing high-quality products, and as such, we are very proud that our hard work has been recognised and awarded, both locally and internationally. We value the South African olive industry’s standards and participate in its Commitment to Compliance (CTC) Scheme. The international awards and world rankings we have received from some of the best tasting panels and olive oil judges in the world attest to our commitment to quality and the passion that drives us.

Goodness is in our nature

Olive Oil, EVOO, Table Olives, Oliv-iar, Balsamic Vinegar
Harvesting and processing olives

Harvesting and processing olives

Olives are the earliest crop known to be cultivated by humans, having been grown and harvested for at least six thousand years. In local gardens, their familiar grey-green foliage lends an immediate air of classical antiquity. But pressing and curing olives at home...

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