Our state-of-the-art factory sits amongst the olive groves and covers 4 500 square meters.

We harvest our olives at optimum ripeness using the Colossus Olive Harvester, thereby minimising the time between harvesting and oil extraction – within 6 hours per crop intake.

The Protoreattore malaxing unit in combination with the state-of-the-art Pieralisi Leopard 8 press is used to extract the oil.

This shortens malaxation time and exposure to oxygen which maintains optimum levels of polyphenols in the oil.

Oil is cold extracted, in other words at temperatures below 28°C (82°F), ensuring that the goodness and nutrition in the olives are conserved.


After the pressing process is done, the oil is transferred to the blending house, where our master tasters and blenders combine various cultivars to make up a superior quality extra virgin olive oil.


Once the perfect blend has been obtained, the oil goes to the bottling house.

The transfer process is facilitated at ambient temperature with low-pressure positive displacement pumps, ensuring minimal molecular breakdown and oxidation.

Our dark-coloured bottles protect the oil from direct sunlight and oxygen, extra virgin olive oil’s biggest enemies.


We conserve the environment by treating effluent on-farm in evaporation dams. Olive fruit pips and waste are recycled and used as bio-fuel – nothing is wasted.