The Wonder Of Willow Creek Olive Estate’s De-Alcoholised Wines

Wine enthusiasts will agree that nothing beats sipping a glass of smooth red or crisp white wine after a trying day at the office. However, alcoholic beverages are not everyone’s cup of tea. To truly embrace living a healthier lifestyle in 2021, one needs a tasty yet healthier alternative to fall back on. Willow Creek Olive Estate’s premium range of de-alcoholised wine allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Does Our Range of De-Alcoholised Wine Contain Any Alcohol?

De-alcoholised wine is often thought to consist only of grape juice. However, this is not the case. It is actually fermented grape juice that goes through the same processes required to produce regular wine. The alcohol present in the final product is removed through mechanical extraction.

Our range of delicious de-alcoholised wines contains less than 0,5% alcohol per bottle.

Our range can be stored for up to 1 years if needed and are best served at 12°C.

How We Produce Our De-Alcoholised Wine

High-quality grapes are de-stemmed and crushed. The juice extracted from these grapes is poured into fermentation tanks where it is inoculated with selected yeast strains. After 28 days of active fermentation at 11°C, the wine is racked off the fermentation lees, stabilised, matured and filtered.

Lastly, the wine will be subject to spinning cone column (SCC) technology to rid it of most of its alcohol. This technology provides the perfect solution for alcoholic beverage applications because it has the ability to remove alcohol without changing the flavour and aroma of the wine.

Whilst traditional distillation techniques incorporate heat to evaporate volatile compounds such as alcohol, the de-alcoholising process introduced with SCC technology removes these compounds under vacuum.

Rapidly spinning cones in the vacuum column create a vapour-thin film of wine. Vapours then start to rise off the wine, carrying the volatiles from the liquid. The vapour is removed from the top of the column and caught in liquid form after condensation.

This method prohibits the wine from reaching high temperatures or from being pressurised for long periods which keeps its flavour profile intact. SCC technology, therefore, provides a mechanical method to remove the undesirable products of alcoholic fermentation.


Our De-Alcoholised Wine Range

Willow Creek Olive Estate De-Alcoholised Rosé

Our de-alcoholised rosé is light and crisp-bodied wine featuring refreshing flavours of tangy red berry fruits. The pretty pink hue of this wine is accompanied by a lighter and fruitier flavour than that of traditional red wine. It can be enjoyed on its own or paired with a light lunch.

Willow Creek Olive Estate De-Alcoholised Sparkling White Wine

Our de-alcoholised white sparkling Sauvignon Blanc is a favourite amongst our clientele. This wine has a lively sparkle and offers a delicious aroma with undertones of citrus and tropical fruits. It is best paired with seafood, pasta and is a perfect choice if you want to celebrate a special occasion.

Willow Creek Olive Estate De-Alcoholised Pinotage

Our de-alcoholised Pinotage is a medium-bodied wine displaying integrated aromas and flavours of juicy red berry fruits, balanced with subtle tannins. The savoury notes in this wine pairs well with roasted meats, hot curry, vegetables and bobotie.

Willow Creek Olive Estate De-Alcoholised Sauvignon Blanc

Our de-alcoholised white Sauvignon Blanc features crisp and refreshing flavours thanks to its high levels of acidity and low amounts of sugar. Hints of tropical fruit and citrus give this wine a lively taste and can be paired with seafood and light pasta dishes.

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