Charl has thousands of healthy olive trees to share

Charl van Sittert, the Farm Manager of Willow Creek Olive Estate, is up to his eyeballs in olive tree saplings. And he wants to share them.



Charl has fifty-six thousand saplings in his nursery ready for planting !!


Willow Creek Olive Estate is a very well known player in the South African olive industry and has raked in many local and global awards for the excellent quality of their extra virgin olive oil and olive products – the most recent for their Estate Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil in June – a prestigious award by TerraOlivo in Israel.


“We are in the fortunate position that we have trees for sale in excess of our own requirements. We would like to offer these young saplings to other farmers who are planning on increasing their olive tree plantings with high-quality stock,” says Charl.



Among the trees in the nursery – or being propagated – are Noccelara, Kalamata, Frantoio, Barnea, Coratina, Mission, Picual and Koroneiki olive trees.


The varieties for sale include 16 374 Arbequina trees, 8 266 Mission trees, which are ideal for growing green or black table olives, 405 Frantoio saplings, and 5 049 Picual trees that are also great for green table olives as well as for pressing for top-quality olive oil.


“We also have 2 530 Leccino saplings, 750 Koroneiki saplings, 125 Kalamata and 2 341 Noccelara trees – ideal for green or black table olives on offer”, says Charl.



Charl says he only sells trees that have a well-established root system that allows for an almost 100 % guaranteed chance of survival when planting.


“The saplings that we are offering for sale are guaranteed to be disease-free,” says Charl. “And, of course, I am happy to offer buyers any advice they may request about growing the Willow Creek offspring that they buy from us.


Olive tree farmers, big or small, who buy from Willow Creek Olive Estate can help their trees to grow by investing in a bulk buy of olive wood chips, also produced at the estate.


Olive trees require well-drained, well-aerated soil that has been prepared to a depth of at least 80 cm before planting. Olive production on trees grown in shallower soils will be reduced, while trees grown on wet or waterlogged soils are susceptible to root diseases.


Olive trees grown at Willow Creek have thrived thanks to the lime-rich soil, the Mediterranean climate the Nuy Valley enjoys and the fresh mountain water that is the foundation for the production of healthy, full-flavour olives. These critical qualities to promote healthy trees are also present in the olive tree saplings on sale.


“Although growing olive trees is fairly easy,” says Charl, “you have to look after the trees with judicious watering and the right compost. Using olive tree chips as mulch helps to retain the quality and nutrients in the soil to feed the trees to reach their full potential.


* The saplings for sale are priced at R42.50 ex VAT per tree.


For more information  and to buy trees, please contact

Lara Smit on 023 342 5793.

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