Locating Restaurants that Cater to Vegans
11 Jan, 2022

For the every day vegan, navigating restaurants can be tricky. I find that very few restaurants cater to vegans, unless you find yourself willing to grossly overpay for a simple meal in Sandton of course!

That being said, our local restaurants have come a long way and some exclusively-vegan spots are starting to pop-up everywhere. Some of my favorites are:

Spur steak ranches


  • Side of Greek salad – just remember to exclude the feta. Don’t be fooled by the crumbed mushrooms, they’re unfortunately basted in egg


  • Veggie Schnitzel
    The chicken-style schnitzel is super yum and it is excellently complimented by the sweet chilli sauce
  • Beyond burger
    If you’re willing to pay more for the “beyond meat” option, you won’t be disappointed. And you won’t feel left behind by your friends having their typical cheese burgers.

Spur doesn’t yet have any vegan-friendly desserts but hopefully, they’ll come to the party soon.

P.s. the salad dressing contains egg powder…

Kaylees Eatery

If you ever find yourself in Bedfordview, Kaylees is a terrific choice! They are 100% vegan and thus do not serve ANYTHING that isn’t vegan – well hello future!

Although there are so many super yum choices, here are some of my favorites:


  • Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Nuggets – You’ll thank me later


  • Warm Butternut & grain salad
  • Crispy quinoa, wild rice and bulgur wheat mixed with wilted spinach. Topped with roasted butternut and granola, za’atar roasted chickpeas, and tofu feta. Tossed in a lemon vinaigrette and served on a generous shmear of beet hummus.


  • Kaylees have a giant variety of desserts that are all delicious but you cannot go wrong with their Traditional American Apple Pie. They fulfil all your deepest-sweetest desires.
  • Kaylees also has their own super market to browse after your meal that includes frozen meals made by their super talented chef.

Wood & fire

Admittedly, wouldn’t be my first choice but it is always important to know how to build a meal when you find yourself at a seemingly un-accommodating establishment.


  • Fruit salad or Avo toast – Always great choices


  • Aubergine (eggplant) and if you want a little extra, ask for a side of greens/ cauliflower.

Once again, you won’t find a vegan friendly dessert but you can find Paul’s homemade ice cream at some garages and hopefully some sorbet is still hiding in the fridges. If not, my guilty pleasure has always been some peanut brittle – and there’s no need to share because your friends probably filled up on the malva pudding at the restaurant.

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