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A Spanish cultivar used for both oil and table olives. 
Medium vigor with a dense and spreading canopy.
Produces commercial crops early and bears heavy and constant.
During the first years the fruit tend to be larger than normal and are highly rated for picking as black olives for the firmness of their flesh.
The oil is of medium quality (18 – 22% oil) but with extraordinary stable quality, often blended with other oils which has low stability.
Picual has the ability to produce up to 28kg per tree. Fruit ripen mid to late season.
Picual is highly rates as a general pollinator, self pollinating  successfully.
Very hardy and adaptable to different soil and climate conditions. 
Tolerant to cold and salinity in Australia. Sensitive to peacock spot and Verticillium.
Suitable to mechanical harvesting due to low fruit attachment.

Oil Cultivars:
Frantoio Coratina Leccino Barnea Koroneiki Arbequina

Table Olives:
Kalamata Noccelara del Belice Manzanilla

All purpose:
Mission Picual

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