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A major oil variety from Spain and also extensively planted in Argentinia.
Small fruit yield high oil percentages (18-22%) highly rated for its superb organoleptic character.
Not as stable due to the reduced level of oleic acid and less polyphenol content.
Arbequina trees are hardy to cold and tolerant of salinity.
Low vigour makes high density planting an option.
The initial high yields in the early years stay constant with a low inclination to alternate bearing.
The variety is considered as self fertile and acts as a pollinator for  Barnea, Coratina, Koroneiki, Leccino and Picual.
The smallish fruit ripens uneven and matures early to mid season.

Oil Cultivars:
Frantoio Coratina Leccino Barnea Koroneiki Arbequina

Table Olives:
Kalamata Noccelara del Belice Manzanilla

All purpose:
Mission Picual

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