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Willow Creek launches Squeeze Me 500ml and 1 liter

Their superb Estate Blend extra virgin olive oil is now available in the innovative 500ml and 1Litre “Squeeze Me” bottles. Always looking to improve consumers’ experience with Willow Creek products, they reacted to customer requests for a shorter bottle to fit kitchen shelves, and also bottle volumes to suit single persons or couples, as well as larger families.

The unbreakable and eco-friendly PET bottle with its specially added oxygen barrier and UV filter which keeps the shelf life of the oil intact for at least two years, has already earned the favour of judges and users alike. Honours from the SA Gold Pack Awards, Symrise Food Review Product of the Year and Fairlady Consumer Awards have been hung around the neck of these practical and economic bottles.

A gentle squeeze deposits the exact desired amount of olive oil over your salad or dish – no messy spills or unwanted excess.

Be sure to look for the Willow Creek bottle with the bright orange label on your next shopping spree.  This medium intensity extra virgin is a blend of half ripe Frantoio and Mission olives and is ideal for everyday use. The 500ml bottle retails at R60 and the 1ℓ at R90

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