Chef Veronica de Canha-Hibbert from Ellerman House

Veronica started her career in 1999 at The Mount Nelson as an apprentice under Garth Strobel after qualifying Veronica left to work in Five Star establishments in England. She returned to Cape Town in 2008 and started at Ellerman House July 2008

“Ellerman House offers me the opportunity to be creative everyday. Boredom is never an issue as we are constantly creating new menus and dishes daily. We are also privileged to work with the best produce available. Ellerman House is a family we work closely together and there is a genuine feeling of comradely between the various departments as our main goal is guest satisfaction.

The most important cooking principle is to be true to the products used, as we are able to get the highest quality goods I insist that the greatest care and attention is given when working with them.

The Chefs who work with me here at Ellerman House are all young and enthusiastic and I am proud of each one of them as they have proved themselves to be a vital part of all our successes in the kitchen.”

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